What do you do when you lose a loved one? 


It is an overwhelming time.  The passing of a loved one can be sudden or expected.  Regardless, the loss of a loved one brings about emotional challenges, as well as financial ones.  My job is to make this extremely difficult time a little bit easier.  The administration of an estate involves the probate of the Will (if one exists), inventory and valuation of the estate assets, analyzation of post-mortem planning opportunities vis a vis the use of disclaimers, coordination with financial advisors and accountants, payment and filing of any applicable estate and inheritance tax returns, resolution of any federal or state estate or inheritance tax audits and ulitmatley distributing the estate assets to the beneficiaries.  It is a lengthy and time consuming process.  I have always endeavored to be that helping hand when needed, to be attentive and understanding.  It is a time when you need someone to listen and help, provide direction and guidance.  It is a time when personal service is most important.